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vrijdag 04 maart 2011 14:49

Today I upgraded in my lab VMware View 4.5 to 4.6. That was not completely without problems. To start I upgraded the Connection Server to 4.6 that went without any problems.


The next server was my vCenter server with the Composer module. When I started the setup, the program detects that Composer 4.5 was installed and tries to upgrade by uninstalling 4.5. After the uninstall the setup continues with installing 4.6. The installation fails without any errors that would help me. The log didn't help by showing any usable errors. A second try had the same result. Restarting VMware service didn't help either. Finally I rebooted the server and the installation of Composer 4.6 succeeds.


Now I had to upgrade the transfer server. The installation detects that .net hasn't been installed and tries to install this but fails. Because the server is Windows 2008 R2, .net needs the be installed with server manager add feauture. So I installed .net, but I wasn't paying attention and Windows selects iis components for iis. The setup upgrades the server to 4.6 but the apache services couldn't start. So the transfer server wasn't working. After some troubleshooting in the eventviewer I saw an conflit and notices iis was running. By uninstalling iis apache was able to start again and the transfer server was upgraded to 4.6.


The final step was upgrading the view agent on the virtual desktop and redeploy the linked clones. That went without any problems. Unfortunately the View Client need to be upgraded also to 4.6. It would have been much easier to deploy if the 4.5 client could connect to the 4.6 connection server.

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